Stars Make Their Own Space

more poems and walnut ink sketches by John David Wissler

The Light of Evening

the light of evening catching my eye

dancing through a row of trees

I turn to see where you are

familiar but not the same

time as light passing


shining through that which is

through that which was

shining , yes , still shining

familiar and somehow new

you are

we are

those we love, family

those who gave us life, loved ones

those who give....and never ask

I focus now

the light changes

sun, below the ridge

below the row of trees

majestic, solid, no.... ethereal

together we are in this life

friend, family, sister, brother, Father , Mother

always the same

never the same

color... radiant, known and unknown

love... full shining

surrounding , no, enveloping who we are

together , all of us touched by the other

stars beginning to emerge

I turn to see where you are

be strong my friend... I am there to hold you up....


Holding My Breath

holding my breath....alive in the moment

seeing the moon through a vale of dappled cloud

light ...color

stars make their own space

shining through the vale like precious stone

light bathes the earth

hitting faces turned upward

Sun Descending

sun descending

descending , reveling its size

brightening the sky

touching the clouds, its color moving towards me through haze

atmosphere, brightening, filling space with color

earth darkening

masses merging, shadow passed and enveloping

dampness rising... filling my nostrils with moisture and smell

bare feet touching the now wet grass

time without comprehending, only feeling

light now dim, star, cloud,

birds sing there ending, jubilant (my eyes close)

light of the firefly......rising...lofty..holy...