"Suddenly a veil was torn away.  My destiny as a painter opened up to me."  --Monet


Lauren Kindle is an artist and writer living in Easton, PA with her husband and two young children.  She paints mainly in oils and finds inspiration in the world immediately around her: family members and neighbors, local architecture and landscape, the objects that surround her in daily life, other artists’ work, and even her own dreams and fantasies.  Lauren earned a BA from Hampshire College in 2003, studying Arts and Classics. Since then she has studied painting with Frank Arcuri and Adriano Farinella, including a 2017 summer residency at JSS in Civita Castellana, Italy. That same year she was named Artist of the Year by ACE (Arts Community of Easton), Easton, PA. 






2015-2018 studied chiaroscuro painting with Frank Arcuri

2015-17 studied figure drawing with Adriano Farinella at the Baum School of Art, Allentown, PA

2015-2016 studied plein air painting with Adriano Farinella


2003 BA, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.  Major: Arts and Classics



2017 JSS in Civita Summer Art School (Civita Castellana, Italy)




2019 Baum School of Art, David E. Rodale and Rodale Family Galleries “Simply Still” group show, Allentown, PA

2018 Brick and Mortar “Buyer’s Market Art Show” group show, Easton, PA

2018 Schmidtberger Fine Art “Here in this World” show with Ellen Sapienza, Frenchtown, NJ

2018 Arts Community of Easton (ACE) Fall M embers Exhibit, Easton PA 

2018 Arts Community of Easton (ACE) Small Works show.  Easton, PA

2017 Brick and Mortar “Buyer’s Market Art Show” group show, Easton, PA

2017 Prallsville Mills “This’nThat” group show, Stockton, NJ

2016    3rd and Ferry Fishmarket “The Unfolding Rose” Easton, PA

2015   Cosmic Cup Coffee “Emerging” Easton, PA





2017 Artist of the Year, Arts Community of Easton (ACE) Easton, PA

2016 Riverside Arts Festival Plein Air Painting Competition, 2nd place





2016    “Intersections: the Street Portrait Series” with Kate Brandes.  Art is a catalyst which breaks down barriers, forming intersections between people who might otherwise be strangers, and fostering a sense of community. This was a collection of portraits and interviews of ordinary people encountered throughout the city of Easton, on the street, in laundromats, and other public spaces.



 2015-present Generous Permission, a weekly art blog

2016-2017 Easton Irregular Newspaper, staff writer for monthly “Artist Profile” column