"Edge," and other poems by JD Wissler

“I often find myself there…”

ink wash by JD Wissler (sketchbook)

ink wash by JD Wissler (sketchbook)



standing there looking 
toward the horizon
toward that which holds you...keeps you from moving
keeps you looking

perceived...painted, drawn , remembered

I often find myself there ( or is it here?)
standing and looking
painting , squinting , remembering

being there is life 
distant and vital , at the same time
holding, and moving , at the same time

I often find my self there.......

monotype by JD Wissler

monotype by JD Wissler

There, in the Meadow

there, in the meadow 
sound, moving
wind steadily louder

shutters begin to tap on the bricks
I glance out the window, into the dark
I look at mom saying, just stepping out to feel

feel the chill
wind, enlivening the skin on my face
my hair moving

my eyes turn to the night sky
between the clouds.... stars
between the clouds.... moon

wind every where
surrounding moving 
sounding through the bare branches

I suddenly know the cold (no coat on )
I smile thinking of friends together painting...looking at the night sky
turning toward the porch...toward the door

now in the warm
the wind still sounding outside
reminding me how lucky I am

Lucky to have feeling
to have time to see
to experience

there...wind in the meadow......


artist Emily Nelligan (1924-2018)

Her quiet soul fills the island air 
hand moving over paper 
as tide rises and falls

spirit touching each stone
again ...and ...again
light , dark, horizon, sea

she is the island 
the island is she
kindred, kind soul

whisper in the darkness

drawing by Emily Nelligan

drawing by Emily Nelligan