"As a writer and artist, I’m interested in the confluence of stories and visual art, often through the perspective of the natural world. I like to blend personal narratives and artwork together."

--Kate Brandes

show card made by Keri Maxfield:  OPENING RECEPTION RESCHEDULED MARCH 9th.  (weather)

show card made by Keri Maxfield:  OPENING RECEPTION RESCHEDULED MARCH 9th.  (weather)

My good friend Kate is an artist, writer, and an environmental scientist.  We have collaborated on creative projects: painting side by side, giving each other feedback on our art over cups of tea, going on long walks, and sitting together with our laptops at Tucker Silk Mill, industriously writing our separate novels.  I'm proud to publish this small teaser about Kate's newest project, Seams.  The reception opens this week!


Kate's recently been working on a project called “Seams,” which is a series of narrative paper quilts made of thread, paper, and watercolor. The Seams Project will be on display from March 2 – May 11, 2018 at Nurture Nature Center in Easton, PA.

This project was inspired by six women who, like Kate, are both artists and scientists. Kate wanted to create a visual work about the value of cross-pollinating ideas in order to expand one’s own sense of possibility. This project, at its heart, is about identity gained through breaking barriers. Each art quilt incorporates themes from nature to accentuate common experiences. There are nine different small art quilts in the series. She says she chose to work with paper because it’s a flexible medium that serves new and mature ideas equally well. The work is fragmented, patch-worked, patterned, and layered. The series draws on textile traditions of sharing life experiences. Each art quilt is hand-painted and hand-sewn.

thread and watercolor on paper

thread and watercolor on paper

Further Reading

A link to Kate's book can be found here.  Also, there will be a few show copies at the reception to look at.

Read more about Kate's project on her website.

Chawne Kimber: Quilt Artist  (Chawne is one of the artists represented in Kate's paper quilts.)

The Promise of Pierson Orchard:  Last year Kate's first novel was published.  It's amazing!!