Here in This World

“But what is it then that sits in my heart…?”

—Mary Oliver


"But what is it then that sits in my heart,
that breathes so quietly, and without lungs--
that is here, here in this world, and yet not here?"

--Mary Oliver, "The Leaf and the Cloud" excerpt


I’m really too busy to blog this month, but here are some paintings and works-in-progress to show you that I’m still alive. I’m preparing for THREE shows in the next two months, and feeling a little insane. I have never worked harder at painting in my life, and I’m totally exhausted, also I keep losing my keys and glasses and falling asleep. Aaah!

Soon the shows will be hung and I can resume a more sustainable pace!

Please come to the first upcoming show: “Here in This World” which is a two-person show including oil paintings by Ellen Sapienza and myself. Opening reception is Saturday, December 1st, 5-7 pm, at the Schmidtberger Fine Art Gallery in Frenchtown, New Jersey.

I’m soooooooo excited!

on the easel: a pat of butter #workinprogress

on the easel: a pat of butter #workinprogress

Ok, back to work!!!