Writing and Art

"He is an explorer feeling his way in an effort to reveal some unknown aspect of existence.  

He is fascinated not by his voice but by a form he is seeking..."

--Milan Kundera, The Art of the Novel

"Still Life With Book" painting by Richard Diebenkorn

Many of you already know that I recently accepted a job as a writer for the monthly "Artist Profile" column of my local newspaper, the Easton Irregular.  This free newspaper can be found around town at many community locations, including my new studio.  I'll also publish each article on my blog once a month, starting next week, so you can read it online.  I'm SO EXCITED to have this job because I feel like I can honestly tell people that I am a Real Writer.  Here's a picture of my writing desk (the kitchen table) and some daffodils from my garden:

Somebody recently cautioned me against combining writing with visual art.  He shared this Cezanne quote with me:

 "If you would be a painter avoid the literary spirit." 

I can't possibly take that advice!  Of course I always try consider a painting for its own sake, but I can't completely isolate my literary and painterly tendencies.  I just can't agree with Cezanne.  (Although, I would love to have tea with him...or write a story about how I had tea with him while he painted, and how his young son climbed on my lap, and the birds sang in the garden...)

So, it's settled:  I'm a writer AND a painter!   It seems to be all interwoven within my soul.

Here's an illustration by Norman Rockwell that I remember vividly from my childhood copy of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  I loved that book, being one of four sisters myself.  I always wanted to be the character Jo, who wrote imaginative stories while hiding up in the attic of her house.

To celebrate my coming-out as a writer, I've decided to dedicate one of my work days to writing.  This is a big step from trying to fit my writing into the late hours of the night, or random moments here or there.  I have a lot of writing projects up my sleeve!  In addition to my blog and Irregular articles, I am working on three new novels and seven short stories.  And of course, poems often arise.  My new schedule will be to work Monday-Friday 10-3 in my studio.  Except for Wednesdays.  Wednesdays will be for writing!  It feels good to take my writing seriously!

Read some of my art-inspired creative writing here.

And speaking of writer-artists, check out my friend Kate Brandes, who is a great inspiration to me.  She is an artist and a writer, soon to be published!  Come to her book launch on April 22nd!  Hooray Kate!  (Read about our collaborative art projects here.)

Additional News:  I am the featured artist for the April edition of the eastonPop Micro Mag.  It is a very cool little magazine designed to highlight local pop culture in Easton.  On the back is a map featuring some local studios and galleries, mine included!  Thanks to my friend Esther for the great photo on the front cover.  You can pick up an eastonPop micro mag at my studio, or at Terra Cafe or the Easton Public Market, as well as many other locations.