Studying Artists

"While I am working, I think about finishing a piece in a wonderful way that will show what I can do—at 91."

--Doe Levan, 91 year old art student

Doe Levan

There is a great photography exhibit currently at the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA, and it closes next Wednesday, February 8th.  Studying Artists: Portraits of Baum School Art Students, is a collection of large format photographic portraits by Marco Calderon.  It's worth going to see this show, and not just because I happen to be one of the subjects!  (So cool!)  Accompanying each portrait is a little text, words spoken by each student during the interview/ photo-shoot.  It's cool to see how art, learning, and community are interconnected.  The show is also a lovely homage to the Baum School.  I feel very grateful to have taken two really wonderful figure drawing classes at Baum.  I benefited both from the instruction, and from the environment.  It's just so inspiring to be surrounded by other artists from different walks of life.  

I've included a small "teaser" of the show here in my blog, but you really must see it in person if you can.  The photos are much larger than your computer or phone screen, and there are many more portraits than I can fit here.  I feel very lucky to have been part of this project.  Thank you, Marco!

Alex "Junior" Peque

"Art, for me, is making stuff and expressing myself. My mom always likes when I make art." 

--Alex "Junior" Peque

Studying Art Since 2015, Media: Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design

Nzigirabarya "Leo" Leocadia

Bruce Fritzinger

"Art is something that makes the world better, makes it more friendly, it gives people another way to look at the world rather than so many finite ideas. It creates another dimension in life."

-- Bruce Fritzinger

Studying Art for 40 years, Media: Ceramics

Lauren Kindle (me!)