"Slice a pear and you will find that its flesh is incandescent white.

It glows with inner light. Those who carry a knife and a pear are never afraid of the dark."

--Yann Martel, Beatrice & Virgil

What does a pear taste like?

 I must have one.

To eat a pear is akin to . . . kissing.

 I wish you had a pear.

And if I had one, I would give it to you.

Read the whole passage about the pear, an excerpt from the novel Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel.  It can also be found on the publisher's website.  I wanted to put the whole thing here, but the publisher's permission form was a little too daunting and time-consuming.  I'm quite lacking in patience and self-control, when it comes to pears.  The most I can hope for is that I will resist devouring them until the painting is complete.