The Flame Dancing

"Everything moves, everything flows."


"Sunset, Reflected" oil painting by Maurice Sapiro

"Everything moves, everything flows, said Heraclitus.  

The body of the mourning cloak is like a river.  You can't step in the same river twice.  

The world we live in is a flame; we burn in it, we are burning all the time.  The mourning cloak burns like the tongues of the Paraclete, anointing the seasons.  The rocks burn with a slow, steady flame.  

If we could see the flame dancing on the bush, as Moses saw, if we could see every bush, every tree, burning all the time, every twig tipped with flame, the wind, the river, the constant flow of atoms,

we would wonder that anything endures."


--The Soul of the Night by Chet Raymo

(one of my very favorite books)


a sunset painting by Maurice Sapiro