Words of Wisdom from Krista Steinke


"Not every piece needs to be a home run.  

Sometimes the small, quiet pauses can be an important part of the conversation.

---Krista Steinke

"Cloud Study" by Krista Steinke

I had a discouraging week.  Although I worked hard in my studio, putting in a lot of time and energy, the results were bad.  This felt frustrating and depressing, as you can imagine.

I took comfort in my sketchbook, where I re-discovered some words of wisdom glued into the pages.  These are words of encouragement from the artist Krista Steinke, from an interview called "5 Questions with Krista Steinke."  which I found on Angela Fraleigh's Blog, one of my all-time favorite blogs to read.  I love this blog so much that I often print parts of it out and glue those parts into my sketchbook, for times of great need.

"The Forest" by Krista Steinke

Krista Steinke's Mantras


  • Failure is critical to success (we hear this a lot these days--but so true).


  • Embrace constructive criticism.  It's ok to disagree, but be able to articulate why.


  • We live in a fast-paced environment.  Ours is a culture of the immediate or instantaneous.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that good art takes time.  Be patient and work hard.


  • When building a body of work, not every piece needs to be a home run.  Sometimes the small, quiet pauses can be an important part of the conversation.


  • Everyone gets rejected...acknowledge that it's part of the routine and keep moving forward.


  • Progress involves taking risks, both small and large.


  • Don't be afraid to go down the rabbit hole...go way, way down to the point of getting lost.


Thanks for reading!  I hope you found Krista Steinke's words as encouraging as I did!  And I can't resist this little SPOILER ALERT:  I conducted an interview with Angela Fraleigh back in March.  I'm hoping to publish it soon, in the next week or two.  So, you can start getting excited about that!